Teachers’ Resource Page

Online Written Resources

Overview of the Crises in Sudan and South Sudan from EnoughProject.org

Humanitarian Crisis in the Nuba Mountains from AllAfrica.com

Outline of the Ongoing Crisis in Darfur with Up to Date Information and Questions for Educators from Iactivism.org

Basic Sudan Facts including a regional map from Jewish World Watch

Information Page about Ongoing Genocide in Darfur from Jewish World Watch

Information Page about the Conflict between Sudan and South Sudan from Jewish World Watch

A good news article about the Nuba Mountains by Yoletta Nyange for CNN

Book aimed at Middle School Audience – Learned New Word Today “Genocide” by Elizabeth Hankins


Across the Frontlines – A Movie by Mark Hackett and Operation Broken Silence about the Genocide in the Nuba Mountains. Appropriate for older children and adults.

An Interview with Carl Wilkens about the Rwandan Genocide with Commentary on Sudan. Appropriate for all ages.

Humanity Is Us videos page including interviews


What You Can Do

Like the Help Nuba page on Facebook or sign up to receive emails on the blog HelpNuba.net

Act for Sudan regularly promotes advocacy actions.

Jewish World Watch has a Sister Schools Project and a Solar Cooker Project which are appropriate for Student Activists

Video of the Solar Cooker Project

Host Camp Darfur

Video of Camp Darfur

Other Projects 

Dafur Dream Team Sister School’s Project

One response to “Teachers’ Resource Page

  1. samuel totten

    Educators may also wish to check out: Genocide by Attrition: Nuba Mountains, Sudan by Samuel Totten (Transaction Publishers, 2012).

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