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Did the NYT get duped: Are Refugees Returning to Darfur???

Eric Reeves wrote an article for the South Sudan News Agency in response to Jeffrey Gettleman’s article for the New York Times in which he argues that Gettleman was entirely duped. Reeves argues that:

On almost any reading of the dispatch below from Radio Dabanga, Gettleman stands accused of having been duped by the Khartoum regime and officials of the UN/African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) into fabricating an untenably positive story about refugees returning to their homes and villages in West Darfur from eastern Chad.  The research conducted by Radio Dabanga—drawing as it does from an extremely wide network of Darfuris, on the ground and in the diaspora—is extensive and unambiguous, and would seem to make Gettleman’s central claims untenable.

See also this article from Radio Dabanga confirming the fact that there has been no return of refugees. Radio Dabanga believes that the previous report was propaganda designed to make the Sudanese government look better for the Doha peace agreement.