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Kristof: American help needed, warranted — but missing.

Op-Ed Columnist

From Peace Prize to Paralysis

Published: June 9, 2012


Kristof writes :  “This [ the Khartoum regime] is a regime whose leader has been charged with genocide, has destabilized the region, has sponsored brutal proxy warlords like Joseph Kony, has presided over the deaths of more than 2.5 million people in southern Sudan, in Darfur and in the Nuba Mountains — and the Obama administration doesn’t want him overthrown?

In addition, the administration has consistently tried to restrain the rebel force here, led by Abdel Aziz Al-Hilu, a successful commander who has lived in America and projects moderation. The rebels are itching to seize the South Kordofan state capital, Kadugli, but say that Washington is discouraging them. … Abdel Aziz … seemed mystified that American officials try to shield a genocidal government whose army is, he thinks, crumbling.”

“In both Syria and Sudan, the Obama administration seems stuck behind the curve.”

“In Sudan, we should disable the military runways that bombers take off from to attack civilians in the Nuba Mountains, or destroy an Antonov bomber and make clear that we’ll do the same to others if Sudan continues to bomb its people. Then we should support efforts by private aid groups to bring food and seed into the Nuba Mountains, by airdrops in this rainy season when roads are impassible.’



Obama Authorizes $26 Million in Aid

President Obama today authorized an additional $26 million worth of aid to help feed refugees from South Kordofan and Blue Nile. See this article at www.Bloomberg.com

Pres. Obama asks Kiir to Keep Distance from Nuba

The South Sudan Tribune reported today that President Obama is urging the Salva Kiir, the President of South Sudan not to aid their former allies in South Kordofan against the Sudanese government. This would isolate the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army which is fighting not only for independence from the Khartoum government, but in defense against the genocidal practices of Ahmed Harun, the Governor of South Kordofan and former Governor of Darfur who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for his murderous reign there.

Does Pres. Obama have a Plan to End Genocide in Sudan?

The South Sudan News Agency published an article by Fatah Arman. Arman discusses her perception of the differences in the policies of Pres. Bush and Pres. Obama in dealing with Sudan. Arman argues that the only way to end genocide in Sudan is regime change and that peace with the government of Omar Bashir will not work. The article concludes with the following advice:

There is no solution for Sudan’s crises, but regime change. As late Dr. John Garang said “This regime is too deformed to be reformed.” The U.S has changed regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and supported the Libyans in toppling the late Gaddafi’s regime. Sudanese are not calling for military intervention, but are asking the U.S government to impose a no-fly zone over Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile and to support Khartoum’s oppositions politically and diplomatically as a panacea to all Sudan’s problems. At the end of the day, the Sudanese people will not remember the rhetoric of their enemies, but the silence of their friends.