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The Drones of Starvation and Genocide

The DailyMail has a good article on the drones used to scout for attacks against civilians in South Kordofan, Sudan. The details are quite striking:

The drones are used to scout out targets ahead of Antonov bombing runs, providing real-time video footage for Khartoum’s forces.

We were able to recover the data card from the drone and download several flight paths.

As a result, we know that it flew over locations that were swiftly targeted in Antonov and Sukhoi attacks – including areas where we saw civilian casualties.

A former UN investigator confirmed to me that this information could provide evidence in an International Criminal Court (ICC) trial of Bashir and his indicted lieutenants.

The article also notes that impending catastrophic starvation:

‘Famine is already happening now,’ Dr Alamin Osman tells me at his clinic in the village of Tungule.

Already 25 children have died of hunger here. Villagers I speak to have exhausted whatever stocks they had left over from 2010 – and in 2011 the war stopped the planting or harvest of crops.

At the Mother of Mercy hospital Dr Tom Catena, who apart from Alamin is the only doctor in Nuba, tells me, ‘It’s much cheaper to starve people than to send weapons in and kill them.

‘Food is a weapon, a very effective weapon. People don’t cultivate, don’t farm, you cut the road off, then you subjugate them very easily.’