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Report of Summary Executions in Liri, Sudan

Sources in the region have brought to the attention of Help Nuba that following clashes between the SPLA-North and the Sudan Armed Forces in the area of Liri in South Kordofan, Sudan that the Governor of that province, Ahmed Harun, who is already a wanted criminal for his actions during the genocide in Darfur, arrested and summarily executed sixteen civilians from the Nuba Liri tribe, including the paramount chief of the Liri Nuba, Elmak/Adam Juju.

The sixteen victims are:

1- Elmak/ Adam Juju

2- Abdalla Juju – Brother of the Mak

3- Jalal Balola

4- Mohammed Akol

5- Mohammed Sileman

6- Elfaki Kallo

7- Mater Abbas

8- Jallab Elfaki

9- Adam Hasan

10- Mohammed Tiya Elmaban

11- Adam Tago

12- Saliim Kanno Elmahdi

13- Ali Dawudi

14- Eltayib Kunda Abu Rafas

15- Ahmed Musa

16- Marghani Hasan


Also two SPLA Soldiers who were captured last July are said to have been executed last week while in detention.

They are:

1- Pvt. Adam Hammad

2- Pvt. Mukhtar Korti

Take No Prisoners

The Governor of South Kordofan, Ahmed Harun, gave told his troops to “Take no prisoners” in a video published by Al Jazeera.

Harun tells the troops:

You must hand over the place clean, swept, rubbed, crushed. Do not bring them back alive. We have no space for them.

A commander near by Harun says:

Do not bring them back! Eat them alive!

Harun’s response is:

Don’t create an administrative problem for us.

Then Harun whips up the troops by shouting to them:

Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?

The soldiers respond:

Allah Hu Akbar! God is great!