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Massacre in Jonglei, South Sudan

The Sudan Tribune reports that at least five UN peacekeepers from India, two United Nations Mission in South Sudan UNMISS staff members, and five civilians were killed on Tuesday in Jonglei, near the Gumuruk settlement in Pibor County. UNMISS has warned recently about deteriorating conditions in Jonglei. Rebels have been fighting the government in the area for the past two years, since 2010, when David Yauyau lost the election to become a member of parliament. The article notes that:

UNMISS’s patrols also aim to protect the many humanitarian aid convoys that operate in Jonglei to provide assistance those affected by the fighting between the rebels and the South Sudanese army (SPLA), which has been carrying out a disarmament campaign in the area for over a year.

Meanwhile the rebels deny involvement and blame the government.

Peace Agreement in Jonglei Signed by Pres. Kiir and Tribal Chiefs

Amid the turmoil between Sudan and South Sudan and the crisis the border states, South Sudan has been facing its own crisis in Jonglei state. Fighting between the Murle, Lou Nuer, and Dinka tribes has seen hundreds dead and tens of thousands displaced. Cattle raids and even the theft of children by the Murle, in whose tradition this is a long standing practice, and large scale retaliation by the larger Lou Nuer and Dinka, have brought the tribes to the brink of all out war. The peace agreement was signed by the paramount chiefs of Jonglei’s six ethnic communities and was witnessed by Pres. Salva Kiir according to the report by the Sudan Tribune. The Governor of Jonglei state, Kuol Manyang, hailed the agreement as a major step toward achieving peace between the tribes.