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Referendum for Abyei Possible in October 2013

According to an article in the Sudan Tribune, the African Union (AU) is proposing that a referendum take place in October of 2013 in which the people of Abyei will decide to link themselves to South Sudan or to Sudan. The proposal includes provisions for the Misseriya and Ngok Dinka who cross the borders between the nations. The AU suggests a “soft border” which would allow relatively free travel across the national boundaries regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

The proposal includes a provision in which 20% of oil revenues produced in Abyei will be shared with South Kordofan. This makes sense solely with the anticipation that Abyei will become part of South Sudan causing a further loss of oil revenue for Sudan. This all said, it is unlikely that any agreement on Abyei can be achieved until the situation with rebel groups along the border is settled because the agreement on Abyei seems to be dependent upon an ability to allow a soft border to exist.

USASSCA Announces Acting Board by Region

Updated 9/8/12

For Immediate Release

The United Sudanese And South Sudanese Communities Association USASSCA announces the Acting Board of the organization that will work over the coming year to help in the USASSCA Steering Committee in the creation of an elected USASSCA Congress with broad representation not only from Diaspora communities in the United States but from nations around the world.

Currently six regions have five representatives on the Acting Board. One region, Beja, currently has only one and another region, North and Central Sudan, has no representatives at this time.

Representatives on the Acting Board at this point are listed below by region along with the state in the United States in which they reside.

Bahr El-Ghazal

  1. Gaw Ngong – Iowa
  2. Wilson Chawul – Minnesota
  3. Mona Ghono – Iowa
  4. Garang Majouk – Iowa
  5. Dhalbeny Malual – Nebraska


  1. Ibrahim Tahrir Ahmed -Washington DC
  2. TBD
  3. TBD
  4. TBD
  5. TBD

Blue Nile

  1. Khalifa Uda – Utah
  2. Sabanaya Musa – Maryland
  3. Sabania Kodi – Utah
  4. Rehab Yakub – Utah
  5. Abdu Matut Silla – Nebraska


  1. Ali Hassan – Iowa
  2. Abdelhamid Ibrahim – Nebraska
  3. Mustafa Omar – Iowa
  4. Ramandan Harun – Nebraska
  5. TBD


  1. Khamis Artema – Minnesota
  2. Pastore Kwajok – Iowa
  3. Kwaje Lasu – North Carolina
  4. Jobickson Modi – Texas
  5. Jaden Oriho – Iowa

Nuba Mountains

  1. Father Bashir Abdu Samad – Ohio
  2. Khaled Abu Zeid – Washington
  3. Ekram Kachu – Iowa
  4. Jumaa (Adam)┬áKuku – Iowa
  5. Mende Nazer – New York

Upper Nile

  1. John Kele – Iowa
  2. Lero Odal – Minnesota
  3. Agok Manyang – Iowa
  4. Mun Kaok – Iowa
  5. Rev. Francis Chan – Iowa

Central Sudan

There is no current representation of North and Central Sudan on the Acting Board of USASSCA