Sudan withdrawing forces from Abyei

Sudan has agreed to withdraw the Sudan Armed Forces troops from Abyei. This is a good step toward settling the issues of the border territories.

2 responses to “Sudan withdrawing forces from Abyei

  1. mohamed mahgoub

    The news said the SAF redeployed 300 troops from the contested area! Which is amazing because the actual number of troops there is several thausands equipped with heavy weaponary and supported by adeadly air force so I don’t think someone should be fooled by this propagandal tactal move of the regime in khartoum they to do a lot of things like this whenever they caought off balance by asurprise move from the other side ( capture of Heigleg by S Sudan army ) . Futhermore we ask where these withdrawn troops would go not home of course they would be directed to nuba mountans to continue the ongoing slaughter and the starvation of nubian people which is the world seems fail to be reponsive to the full picture of the situation there ,the thing which is making khartoum delegation to the freshly just started talks in Addison ababa to insert security agenda to the talks to try stop s Sudan from suporting the SRF so they can have the upper hand to acomplish their gruling genocidal mission ( wipeout the entire nuba nation from the face of the earth ). We have to be careful when dealing with what khartoum say or say they are doing , they a long history of broken promises telling lies .

  2. Hi Mohamed, I think you are partly correct. I would assume that indeed at least some of those troops will be redirected and be used against the Nuba or in Darfur. However, it appears that Sudan is not in great economic shape and that it does not wish to push too hard against the UNSC because sanctions could in fact damage it. Sudan is better off arguing that South Sudan is supporting the SPLM-N than it is keeping troops in Abyei. Sudan cannot afford to look like it isn’t supportive of the AU proposal. It looks like Sudan is actually withdrawing from Abyei for the time being.

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