Welcome from U.S.A.S.S.C.A.

This is the future home of the United Sudanese and South Sudanese Communities Association. USASSCA works to unite the diaspora Sudanese and South Sudanese communities for the betterment of all. Our hope is that through our cooperation, we will help to bring Justice, Equality, Liberty and Peace to all of the peoples of Sudan and South Sudan.

For more information, please contact us at USASSCA@gmail.com

One response to “Welcome from U.S.A.S.S.C.A.

  1. I’m absolutely convinced that the only way to remove OMAR Bachir regime from the power is working together. I think everybody who, believes that this regime responsible for massive killing of our innocent citizens, and it must go; come and let us work together. If we could put our ideas together and work so hard with passion, we can change the governing system and build our new Sudan.

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