Updates on the situations in Darfur, Nuba, and Khartoum from Act for Sudan

Updates on the situations in Darfur, Nuba, and Khartoum from Act for Sudan
1. There is still much violence, every day, in Darfur
2. The humanitarian situation has been worsening since the expulsion of
NGOs in 2008.
3. These issues are very acute in the IDP camps
4. Rape is being used frequently as a weapon against women activists.
Although all activists are subject to arrest, those not of Arab
ethnicity are subject to much, much harsher consequences and indefinite
detention or being forced into exile. There is much use of torture
including rape and electric tortures.
5. The situation for human rights defenders is worsening making it
difficult to find out what is happening. Many are either in prison or
fleeing the country. Those in prison need our efforts to free them.
Darfur continues to need our attention


1. The people are living in great fear because of the aerial
bombardment, those in Yida refugee camp are living in fear. There
are currently 35,000 people in Yida camp, of which half are children.
2. There is only one medical clinic and few medical supplies in the
3. There are two water pumps and people must stand in line 4-6 hours to
receive one bucket of water.
4. Families are given food for one meal per day.
5. There is great concern regarding food supplies during the rainy
season (more on this below).
6. Within the Nuba mountains themselves, conditions are much worse.
7. There is one hospital with a single doctor and over 700 patients,
most of whom are children. But there are no medical supplies, there is
virtually nothing that the doctor can do.
8. Any civilians seen from the air by the Sudanese military are
considered to be targets and may be bombed. Consequently people are
hiding in caves or the forest
.9. There is virtually no food, people are eating seeds from the forest.
10. In the next few weeks, when the rains come, the situation in
expected to become catastrophic.The desperation of the humanitarian
situation cannot be overstated. When the rains come, there will be
no food or access to deliveries. Children are beginning to die of
malnutrition. While our friends were there, 25 children died.

There is increased targeting of Southerners in the capital. There have
been expulsions of those of Southern ethnicity from Universities and
there are police round-ups of students, as well as of those who have
opened their homes to those fleeing violence in other areas, both
Southerners and Nuba. Due to the recent proclamations against
Southerners and a declaration that they are no longer citizens, there
is increased targeting of those of African ethnicity. Last week a Nuba
student was arrested who had people who had fled the violence living in
her home and another Nuba student was killed. In hearing these Sudanese
government declarations excluding non-Arabs and non-Moslems from citizenship

and actions against ethnic Africans, it is impossible in this week (which
preceeds the Yom Hashoah Day of Remembrance for the Holocaust) not to be
reminded of the Nuremberg Laws. 

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