Renewed War in Sudan

The primary news of the day is that the Sudanese Army under orders from Bashir in Khartoum is going to try to retake Panthou/Heglig. From the report in the Sudan Tribune, it appears that not only was the initial assault ineffective, but that South Sudan defeated the encroaching Sudanese forces.

South Sudan is preparing for a longer fight as we speak. Vice President Machar has called on South Sudanese young men to join the military to defend the nation. There are those who note that a “logic of war” has taken hold. I have personally written from the understanding that those combating genocide cannot simply be termed “rebels” and that the moral and ethical choice is support fighting for the security of civilians against a regime bent on slaughtering them. I wrote an article for the Times of Israel about the position taken by the United Nations with which I strongly disagree.

The consequences of a state of war between Sudan and South Sudan for the hundreds of thousands of Christians and SPLM supports in the Sudan are nothing short of dire. For no few, they will be fighting for their very lives against their own government which wishes to cleanse them from its land or kill them either with guns and bombs or starvation, actions taken by Sudan even prior to the fighting in Heglig. This is a war between a genocidal regime and people trying to fight for freedom. Good people can only support one side.

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