News of War

As the situation between Sudan and South Sudan continues to deteriorate, there has been a flood of news articles worth reading. At the top of the list is Eric Reeve’s article about the situation in Darfur and the fact that unbiased non-UN affiliated analysts offer a damning critique of the United Nations analysis of the situation there.

Next, the United Nations security council, caring not at all about the causes of the violence in the region and acting as if both sides are equally responsible for the violence instead of noting that the ICC has already declared the leader of Sudan to be a war criminal who should be arrested rather than being allowed to continue to rule and recognizing the fact that Sudan instigated the violence, instead is debating whether or not to sanction both sides of the conflict.

Meanwhile, many different rebel groups are fighting for freedom against the genocidal Bashir government while being condemned for doing so by the international community.

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