Eric Reeves’ Explanation of Events in Sudan

Eric Reeves’ article, “Sudan on the Brink of Catastrophic War” does the best job I have seen yet of explaining what is going on in the southern part of Sudan and why. It lays out in detail all of the events, their causes, and the concerns they create. Reeves’ primary point is that the government of Sudan has been acting in ways that are leading to a broadened military conflict which will have catastrophic humanitarian consequences. Humanitarian supplies are not being allowed by Omar Bashir’s government to reach highly endangered populations including many thousands of refugees and starvation on a massive scale is a real concern. Worse, Khartoum has even used military aircraft to target refugees fleeing to into South Sudan.

The international community has made the situation worse. Eric Reeves’ sounds a note of warning:

Khartoum’s responsibility—for the seizure of Abyei, for the current military aggression on three fronts in northern Sudan, for the obstruction of humanitarian relief (including to Darfur), and for ethnic culling of the northern population—the regime’s direct responsibility for all this stands without consequential rebuke. Instead, international actors have with consistent and shameless expediency apportioned blame in equal allotments to both Khartoum and Juba, no matter what the actual political, diplomatic, or moral equities.  This has over time done much to generate the present crises throughout greater Sudan; but given present military developments, such expediency also seems guaranteed to accelerate the move toward a war of unfathomable destructiveness.

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