When The Rebels Advance – Civilians Pay the Price

Alex Perry wrote an article for Time.com about the fact that the SPLA-North rebels are making gains in South Kordofan and are even threatening to move against Bashir’s regime entirely. This is great news for those fighting the genocidal regime. What it also means however is that the Sudanese government and Ahmed Harun in particular are likely to become increasingly desperate to stop it. They seem to be resorting to attacks against civilians along with preventing the importation of humanitarian aid as a way to ratchet up pressure against the SPLA-N which seems to be seeing success in combat and grows stronger with each defeat of Bashir’s forces.

General Namiri Murrad of the SPLA-N sharing a confident message is quoted in the article saying that:

Right now, our work is to clean our house. The Darfuris are going to clean their house, and the rebels of Blue Nile will clean their house. Then we will move together on Khartoum, and we will finish them. I cannot say when. But I can tell you it’s easier this time — Khartoum is running. They realize they are fighting for the wrong reason. They do not have heart. We are fighting with our hearts. It will be easy to finish them.

May this confidence translate into success at preventing the civilian deaths occurring at a frightening pace and may it happen quickly. The Bashir government is going to make civilians pay the price when the rebels advance.

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